Masters of Traditional Arts DVD-Rom

created by Documentary Arts, Inc.


Published: Produced by Documentary Arts, Inc., Project Directed by Alan Govenar, Interactive Design and Production by Alan Hatchett, Andrew Dean and Daniel Dunnam, 2007
Details: DVD-Rom (Mac OS 10.2 or higher/Windows XP or greater), 1,349 audio files (29+ hours), 401 videos (6+hours), 3,785 photos

The first DVD-Rom was created in 2001 by Documentary Arts, Inc. to supplement the Biographical Dictionary and to act as an interactive learning tool for the Masters of Traditional Arts Teaching Guide. The second version was released in 2007 with a larger interface and added materials.

The DVD-Rom is a comprehensive encyclopedia of the 316 winners of the National Endowment for the Arts' National Heritage Award from the first 25 years after its enactment. It includes the same biographies and photographs of every winner as can be found in the Biographical Dictionary, but then goes far beyond, including many aditional photographs and hours and hours of audio and video content.

The 316 artists are searchable by name, state, year, traditional art form, or ethnicity. They can also be explored randomly or through a visual search.

The most comprehensive collection of information about the winners of the award, this DVD-Rom was years in production, much of the time gathering, processing and organizing the tremendous amount of content it contains.

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